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Best 6 Travel Bags For Men 2024

Best 6 Travel Bags For Men 2024

Hey there, fellow wanderers! Are you ready to discover the ultimate travel companions for your adventures? I’m thrilled to introduce you to the best 6 travel bags for men, curated especially for travelers like us. Join me as we embark on a journey through the world of travel gear, where each bag has its own story to tell. We’ll explore the features, practicality, and style of these fantastic companions, all while sharing our own insights and experiences. So grab a cup of coffee, kick back, and let’s dive into the exciting world of travel bags together!

6- Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage

The Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage is a game-changer for travelers seeking a perfect blend of style, functionality, and innovation.

Key Features of Horizn Studios M5 Smart Cabin Luggage

  • Durable Construction
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Smooth Maneuverability
  • Integrated Removable Battery
  • Optional Guard Card and GPS
  • Premium Construction
  • TSA-Approved Lock


Durable ConstructionCrafted with high-quality materials, the M5 ensures longevity and reliability.
Ample Storage SpaceGenerous interior compartments provide efficient organization for your belongings.
Smooth ManeuverabilityThe M5 glides effortlessly across all terrains, ensuring a smooth travel experience.
Integrated Removable BatteryStay connected on the go with the integrated removable battery featuring two USB ports.
Optional Guard Card and GPSEnhance security with optional add-ons, allowing you to track the location of your luggage.
Premium ConstructionProtected by a premium shell and featuring a high-tech lining, the M5 ensures the safety of your belongings.
TSA-Approved LockThe integrated TSA-approved lock provides added peace of mind, securing your belongings while allowing for hassle-free security checks.


High Price TagThe M5 comes with a premium price tag, which may be a concern for some travelers.
Additional Weight (due to integrated battery)The integrated battery adds weight to the luggage, potentially limiting packing capacity.
Limited Color OptionsThe M5 is available in limited color options, potentially limiting personalization choices.

Credit: horizn-studios

5- Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinners Essential Carry-On

The Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Small is a versatile and durable travel companion designed to meet the needs of modern adventurers. With its compact size and robust features, this bag offers convenience and reliability for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Key Features Briggs & Riley Baseline Spinners Essential Carry-On

  • Meets Carry-On Regulations
  • Multiple Carrying Options
  • Corner-Guard Protection
  • Optimized Storage
  • Garment Panels
  • Shock Absorbing Spinner Wheels
  • Self-Repairing Zippers
  • Warranty Coverage


Meets Carry-On RegulationsPerfectly sized to comply with most U.S. domestic airlines’ carry-on regulations.
Multiple Carrying OptionsIntegrated bottom fabric handle, retractable side carry handles, and SmartLink™ strap offer versatile carrying options.
Corner-Guard ProtectionSubstantial corner-guard protection with impact-resistant material ensures durability for countless miles.
Optimized StorageLarge front pocket and 2 mesh lid zip pockets optimize space for all your travel essentials.
Garment PanelsPremium garment panels minimize creasing, keeping your clothing looking fresh during travel.
Shock Absorbing Spinner WheelsProprietary shock-absorbing spinner wheels provide 360 maneuverability and smooth gliding for effortless navigation.
Self-Repairing ZippersYKK RC zippers offer smooth zipper action with lockable zipper pulls, ensuring secure closure.
Warranty CoverageBag is backed by a warranty that includes free repairs for damage, providing peace of mind for travelers.


Limited Size OptionsThe Baboon to the Moon Go-Bag Small may not accommodate larger items or extended trips.
Minimal Color VarietyLimited color options may not suit all aesthetic preferences.
Maintenance RequiredRegular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth or lint brush roller is recommended to maintain the bag’s appearance.

4- Filson Dryden Backpack

The Filson Dryden Backpack brings field-ready performance and unparalleled durability to your everyday commute or outdoor adventures. Crafted with heavy-duty Cordura® nylon, this backpack is built to withstand the elements and endure years of rugged use.

Key Features Filson Dryden Backpack

  • Weather-Resistant Fabrication
  • Durable Construction
  • Convenient Organization
  • Side Stow Pockets
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Made in the USA
  • Spot Clean Maintenance


Weather-Resistant FabricationHeavy-duty Cordura® nylon provides exceptional weather resistance, keeping your belongings safe and dry in any conditions.
Durable ConstructionBuilt for longevity, this backpack features a reinforced base panel and high-quality materials to withstand daily wear and tear.
Convenient OrganizationThe backpack features multiple compartments, including a zippered rear panel with a padded laptop sleeve, a full-width external compartment, and a secondary pocket with organizational pockets and a key-clip lanyard.
Side Stow PocketsAdditional side stow pockets offer quick access to essentials such as water bottles or small accessories.
Adjustable Shoulder StrapsComfortably carry your gear with adjustable shoulder straps featuring brindle leather tabs for gear attachment.
Made in the USACrafted with pride in the USA, ensuring superior craftsmanship and quality control.
Spot Clean MaintenanceEasy maintenance with spot cleaning, allowing you to keep your backpack looking fresh with minimal effort.


Limited Color OptionsThe Filson Dryden Backpack may have limited color options, limiting personalization choices for some users.
Heavyweight DesignWeighing 2 lbs 12 oz, this backpack may feel heavier when fully loaded compared to lighter alternatives.
No Specific Water Bottle PocketWhile the backpack features side stow pockets, it lacks a dedicated water bottle pocket, which may be inconvenient for some users.

3- Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On

Credit: arloskye

The Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On sets a new standard for luxury and functionality in travel luggage. With its sleek design and innovative features, this carry-on is designed to enhance your travel experience while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

Key features Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On

  • Lightweight Construction
  • Optimal Dimensions
  • Spacious Interior
  • Integrated Charger
  • Premium Design


Lightweight ConstructionThe Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On weighs only 8.1 lbs, making it remarkably lightweight and easy to maneuver during travel.
Optimal DimensionsWith exterior dimensions of 22.0″ H x 14.0″ W x 9.0″ D, this carry-on is sized perfectly to fit in small, medium, and large aircraft overhead bins, ensuring hassle-free travel.
Spacious InteriorBoasting an interior capacity of 40 L, The Frame Carry-On provides ample space for all your travel essentials while keeping them organized and easily accessible.
Integrated ChargerEquipped with a powerful 10,050 mAh charger featuring 18W USB C & A ports (PD plus QC 3.0), this carry-on ensures that your devices stay powered up throughout your journey.
Premium DesignCrafted with attention to detail and high-quality materials, The Frame Carry-On exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating your travel experience.


Premium Price TagThe high-tech features and premium design of The Frame Carry-On may come with a premium price tag, making it less accessible to budget-conscious travelers.
Bulky Exterior DimensionsSome users may find the exterior dimensions, including wheels, side bumpers, and fixed handles, slightly bulky compared to other carry-on options, potentially limiting maneuverability in tight spaces.

2- Away The Carry-On

Credit: awaytravel

The Away Carry-On embodies the perfect blend of durability, functionality, and style, making it an essential companion for any traveler. With its premium features and thoughtful design, this suitcase elevates the travel experience to new heights.

Key Features Away The Carry-On

  • Durable Polycarbonate Shell
  • Smooth-Gliding Wheels
  • Adjustable Trolley Handle
  • Ergonomic Zippers
  • TSA-Approved Combination Lock
  • Compression Pad
  • Best-in-Class Organization
  • Additional Grab Handle
  • Water-Resistant Laundry Bag
  • Sustainable Luggage Tag
  • Compliance with Airline Regulations


Durable Polycarbonate Shell100% polycarbonate shell offers exceptional durability and lightweight construction for superior protection of your belongings.
Smooth-Gliding WheelsPremium 360° smooth-gliding wheels ensure effortless maneuverability, making navigating airports and city streets a breeze.
Adjustable Trolley HandleHigh-grade trolley handle with two adjustable height settings provides comfortable handling and easy control while on the move.
Ergonomic ZippersErgonomic, reverse coil zippers offer easy access and extra security, providing peace of mind during your travels.
TSA-Approved Combination LockIntegrated TSA-approved combination lock ensures the security of your belongings while complying with airline regulations.
Best-in-Class OrganizationThree mesh pockets and one hanging pocket offer best-in-class organization for your belongings, keeping them neat and easily accessible.
Additional Grab HandleUnderside grab handle allows for easy lifting and carrying, adding convenience to your travel experience.
Water-Resistant Laundry BagIncluded water-resistant polyester laundry bag keeps dirty clothes separate and protected during your travels.
Sustainable Luggage TagCrafted from 50% recycled leather, the luggage tag adds a sustainable touch to your travels.


Limited Color OptionsThe Away Carry-On may have limited color options, potentially limiting personalization choices for some users.
No Specific Laptop CompartmentUnlike some other carry-ons, the Away Carry-On does not feature a dedicated laptop compartment, which may be a drawback for business travelers.

1- TUMI – Alpha International Expandable

The TUMI Alpha International Expandable 4-Wheeled Carry-On epitomizes sophistication and functionality, making it the perfect travel companion for both quick getaways and international adventures. With its innovative features and commitment to quality, this carry-on elevates the travel experience to new heights.

Key Features TUMI – Alpha International Expandable

  • Compact Design
  • Spinner Wheels
  • Built-In USB Port
  • Expandable Capacity
  • Built-In Garment Sleeve
  • Alpha Collection


Compact DesignFits easily in overhead storage compartments, providing convenience and ease of travel.
Spinner WheelsManeuvers effortlessly in airports and on planes, ensuring smooth navigation during your journey.
Built-In USB PortKeeps you connected on the go by allowing you to charge your devices conveniently while traveling.
Expandable CapacityOffers additional space in the main compartment, providing flexibility for packing extra belongings.
Built-In Garment SleeveAccommodates one suit, keeping clothing wrinkle-free and organized during transit.
Alpha CollectionExemplifies TUMI’s commitment to design, performance, and functionality, ensuring a superior travel experience.


Power Bank Sold SeparatelyThe power bank for the built-in USB port is sold separately, adding an extra cost for those who require this feature.
Limited Color OptionsThe carry-on may have limited color options, potentially limiting personalization choices for some users.
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